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~Where to go and what to know~

At Style Magazine, we take scouting the top talents, products, and services so seriously that lately, it has us questioning our priorities.

Our striking editorials introduce locals to the faces behind the brand and our insights have the power to positively transform a person's daily itinerary.


Living Well

A New Marketplace for Discovering Where to Go & What to Know.

The Future of Sourcing Local Luxuries 

STYLE Magazine invites locals to see the world a bit differently. We are a marketplace that enables locals to discover endless possibilities offered from a handpicked line-up of destinations that never disappoint.

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At Your Service

As our needs and demands at home continue to evolve, these style-savvy pros offer solutions in a way that feels personal. Our list of top service experts to keep on speed-dial

Eye On Design

We explore the creative minds that have us rethinking design today, the experts behind the secret workrooms, the showrooms, and the studios they rely on to carry out some of the most innovative interiors with striking style.

Love Your Look

Achieve glowing results with the top beauty authorities specializing in enhanced techniques, treatments, and procedures that restore a more youthful you. Consult these experts and learn their best-kept secrets for living your best life.

Out And About

From neon to nature, we've scouted out the unforgettable experiences that use the great outdoors to get you going. A simple reminder that life starts outside the comfort zone

Shops That Shine

Our favorite STYLE authorities open up their little black books and divulge their secret go-to's for furniture, accessories, fashions, antiques, art, and endless one-of-a-kind finds. Meet local shopkeepers keeping their clients on-trend and styling high.

The Latest Dish

You say tomato...

Fresh EATS~The newest restaurants among the ever-evolving food scene in Vegas. We invite you to take this detour and dine across the Valley to discover the chefs behind the restaurants you definitely won't want to miss.

Pros To Know

Whether you're seeking specialized medical expertise or just in the market for a new place to call home, we're shining the spotlight on the most preferred professionals, known for locally-minded service and unparalleled high standards.

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